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Sunday, January 9, 2011


ü Country  India
ü State   TamilNadu
ü District   Vellore
ü Division  Tirupattur Taluk
ü Panchayat Union-Jolarpet
ü Union’s Name – Tirupattur Union
ü Population – 7992
ü Male – 4218
ü Fe Male – 3774
ü Hill Domiciles – 6957
ü Adi Dravidars – 210
ü Other sects of people – 825
ü Number of people having franchise to vote-3736
ü No.of wards-09
ü Voting Centres – 05
ü Spread Area- 29.2 square km.
ü No of total villages -14
ü Weather forecast –summer :29c  winter :9 c
ü Appropriate time to visit Hill – Throughout the year
ü The rate of rainfall-34-35 dept.m.m
ü Religion-Hinuism
ü Other religion-Christianity&Islam
ü Languages spoken-tamil
ü Occupation-Agriculture, Dailywages, Mason works, Carpenters, Painters &quarry works.
ü Cash Crops –Coffee,Sugarcane,Gingerly(Indian sesame) Coriander,Banana,Pepper,Gallnut,Mustard and etc……………
ü Food grains-Paddy,Samai,Raghi and etc…..
ü Grams – Red-gram,Beans,Black –gram, Horse-gram
ü Type of houses/residence- Thatched house/RC House.

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