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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A BRIEF ON Yelagiri Hills

                  The Yelagiri Panchayat comes under Solaiyar pettai Panchayat Union. It is situated in vellore District. It is located about 15 km away from Vaniyambadi – Tirupattur Road from Ponneri Split Road….

                 The total area of Yelagiri Hills is about 29.2 The base of this hill is circular in shape, and it has steep rocks on its sides. This hill resembles a plateau. It has evergreen trees in the north and north-east slopes. On the top of the hill, it has an evergreen forest.

               The height of this hill in terms of feet is approximately 3500 and 1048.5 m high in meter from sea level. The highest peak in this hill is Swamimalai peak and its height is 4338 feet. The climate of the hill is moderate and pleasant. The temperature of the hill in summer is 29 C and in winter season it is 9c.

                   The people of the hill are normally called hilly vasis. Cultivation is their main occupation. They practice Hinduism and speak Tamil. They have a very special structure of living style in home cottages and typical social customs and culture.

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